URG in a Nutshell

Tried And Tested

URG revision guides are proven winners. Our authors are some of the highest scoring 1st class graduates, and they achieved their success memorising the content given to you in our revision guides.

Use University Revision Guru to Revise or Learn

Our revision guides are perfect for revision. But that’s not to say you can’t use them to learn the content throughout the year too! We can’t claim to be a replacement for reasonable university attendance, but our explanations are written by graduates, according to the student’s perspective, which means we write to answer the questions that are often on your mind.

Time Saver

Why revise from a 500 page book when you can revise the same content in a fraction of the time using our revision guides? We concentrate on giving you concise explanations of diagrams, graphs and all the other content you need to know for your exams. Unlike textbooks, our revision guides are feasibly memorisable, allowing you to score higher in your final exams.

Tailored to What You Need to Know

Have you ever experienced the extreme annoyance of spending hours revising something, only to be told it’s not something you’re going to be examined on? With our revision guides, that doesn’t really happen. By working with students from your university, we are able to get our books pretty damn tailored to what you’re likely to be examined on[1]. Simply put, we cut the bs!


URG revision guides are £6.99 each, and purchasing your revision guides as a bundle allows you to save 10%. We know student budgets can be tight, but we want our revision guides to remain accessible, which is why we don’t charge £50+ like some of your recommended textbooks.


We’re actually still working on this one. We currently write revision guides for various courses such as Economics, Accounting & Finance and Computer Science, across various universities such as Warwick, Manchester, and Southampton, but we’re not at all satisfied! We’re working on comprehensive revision guides for Law, Psychology, Engineering and more, so Like our Facebook Page to stay updated on new arrivals.

We’re also searching for authors for courses we don’t currently cover, so if you’re a 1st class graduate/undergraduate and are interested, email us on contact@universityrevisionguru.com for more.


[1] University Revision Guru is not, however, in any way affiliated with your university.