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  • Saves you 10% over purchasing your revision guides individually!
  • Includes our entire Economics Core bundle, AND MANG1001 Financial Accounting 1, perfect for Economics students with an optional module in Accounting!
  • Includes step-by-step guides on how to answer the exam questions you’re likely to face, and detailed examples of how to set up your Accounting tables.
  • We streamline hundreds of pages of textbooks into concise, bullet pointed explanations, to make it easier for you to understand the material!

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Product Description

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This revision guide bundle is tailored to 1st year students studying any Economics related degree at the University of Southampton.

It is comprehensive across the compulsory core modules for first year Economics, and further includes Financial Accounting 1.

As such, this revision guide bundle includes:

  • MANG1001 Financial Accounting 1
  • ECON1003 Principles of  Microeconomics
  • ECON1008 Mathematics for Economics
  • ECON1007 Statistics for Economics
  • We also include our Microeconomics: Advice for Answering Questions, designed to walk you through likely ECON1003 exam questions!

Financial Accounting 1 (MANG1001)

What makes our MANG1001 revision guide so good?

  • Includes step-by-step instructions on how to lay out accounts, and guidance on how to tackle likely MANG1001 exam questions.
  • We streamline hundreds of pages of textbooks into concise, bullet pointed explanations to save you time with your revision.
  • We work with Accounting students at Southampton, to ensure we stick to the content you’ll be expected to know in your final Financial Accounting exam.

Product Description

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MANG1001 is a compulsory module for University of Southampton students studying Accounting and Economics or Economics and Finance. It is also a commonly selected optional module for those studying Economics or Economics and Actuarial Science.

The module introduces the basic concepts and theories that influence accounting, and aims to develop proficiency in recording and summarising accounting transactions and events. Topics studied include transactions, double entry, inventory valuation and financial statements.

This revision guide includes a very detailed contents page, ideal for navigating topics if you’ve fallen behind with your lectures.

Additional Information

University University of Southampton
Degree Economics & Accounting
Modules Financial Accounting 1 (MANG1001)
Principles of Microeconomics (ECON1003)
Mathematics for Economics (ECON1008)
Microeconomics: Advice for Answering Questions (ECON1003)
Statistics for Economics (ECON1007)


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