ECON1003 Principles of Microeconomics Revision eGuide

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What’s so good about our ECON1003 revision guide?

  1. Tailored to what you need to know in your exams: We work with Economics students at Southampton to ensure that we write according to the examined ECON1003 spec.
  2. Our concise explanations are perfect for revision or catching up on missed lectures during the year!
  3. Includes step by step guides, walking you through how to tackle the questions you’re likely to get in your exam.
  4. Includes short cut methods to save you time in exams, and notes of clarification to ensure you’re never out of your depth!
  5. Our author graduated Warwick Economics with a 1st, receiving special recognition from the Dean of Warwick, for multiple instances of 100% exam performance. Basically, he knows this material inside out.

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Product Description

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ECON1003 is first year Economics module, for students at the University of Southampton studying Economics, Economics and Actuarial Science, Economics and Management, Economics and Philosophy, Accounting and Economics and Economics and Finance.

The module introduces the fundamental microeconomic principles, required for approaching more advanced Microeconomic study in Year 2. Topics studied include consumer’s theory, competitive equilibrium, externalities and public goods and monopolies.

This revision guide covers all of these topics in just 36 pages, making your revision far more efficient. We even try to follow the order your lecturer is likely to take, to enable you to use our guide as a learning aid throughout the year.  In our revision guide we may also include some extra-curricular topics. The reason for this is twofold: first, they’ll help impress your examiner, and secondly they’ll give you that little boost going into second year.

Don’t forget you can take a look at the detailed contents page of this guide, and a selection of pages from the book, by clicking the ‘Preview Book’ button above.

Additional Information

University University of Southampton
Degree Economics & Accounting
Module Type Core
Module Code ECON1003
Module Name Principles of Microeconomics


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