ECON1002 Principles of Macroeconomics Revision eGuide

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Why do you need our ECON1002 revision guide?

  1. We’ve literally streamlined hundreds of pages of textbooks into something actually concise enough for you to memorise; absolutely ideal for revising for your final exam!
  2. When writing our ECON1002 guide, we worked with current 1st class Economics students at Southampton, to ensure we only wrote according to what you need to know to ace your exams!
  3. Our author graduated Warwick Economics with a first, with special recognition from the Dean of Warwick for outstanding performance. Basically, he knows a thing or two about 1st year Macro!
  4. We explain things simply, to make sure you don’t get lost! If you’ve fallen behind with lectures, or are confused with the teaching, or simply want to get ahead, this is the book for you.

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Product Description

Please note that this ebook will be downloaded instantly to your University Revision Guru account library  on purchase, where it can be viewed anytime, on any device in your browser.

ECON1002 Principles of Macroeconomics is a module at the University of Southampton, for students studying any Economics related degree.

The module introduces the key macroeconomic variables, their short and long run behaviour and the stabilization tools available to policy makers.  Topics studied include measurement of macroeconomic variables, AD-AS, business cycles, inflation, unemployment and government debt.

The revision guide covers the content you need to know for your Macroeconomics exam, and may include a few extracurricular topics, to impress examiners and better prepare you for 2nd year Macroeconomics.

Additional Information

University University of Southampton
Degree Economics & Accounting
Module Type Core
Module Code ECON1002
Module Name Principles of Macroeconomics


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