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This bundle is tailored to the compulsory ‘core’ modules for University of Southampton students studying any Economics related degree. Purchasing the bundle offers a further 10% discount over purchasing the modules individually!

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Product Description

**You can view full samples of any of the revision guides by selecting that individual guide on the products page.**

What’s so good about our Southampton Economics bundle?

  1. You save 10% by buying your revision guides as a bundle, over purchasing them individually!
  2. We make sure we stick as closely as we can to your examined specifications, when writing our revision guides. We work with current Economics students at Southampton to make sure everything we write is tailored to you.
  3. We include step by step guides on how to answer the commonly set exam questions. In fact, in this bundle we even include a revision guide specifically written to help you tackle questions in your ECON1003 exam!
  4. Our Economics author graduated Economics from Warwick with special recognition from the Dean of Warwick for outstanding exam performance. Basically, he knows how to ace university exams.

Included in this bundle, are revision guides for:

  • ECON1008 Mathematics for Economics
  • ECON1007Statistics for Economics
  • ECON1003 Principles of Microeconomics.
  • And our Microeconomics Advice booklet, perfect for if you’re struggling on how to apply the material to real ECON1003 exam questions.

Mathematics for Economics (ECON1008)

We’ll give you 4 good reasons to buy our ECON1008 revision guide:

  1. We work with high scoring Economics students at Southampton to make sure we write specifically to what you need to know to ace your final exam!
  2. Includes step-by-step guides explaining how to tackle the questions you’re likely to be set in your exams, and we even include some short cut methods to help you save time!
  3. Our ECON1008 revision guide is concise enough to memorise when revising, yet comprehensive enough to use to catch up on missed lectures!
  4. We always assume little knowledge when we explain the topics, ensuring you never get lost reading our revision guides.

How’s that? Check out the samples if you’d like a sneak preview of the revision guide!

Product Description

Please note that this ebook will be downloaded instantly to your University Revision Guru account library  on purchase, where it can be viewed anytime, on any device in your browser.

ECON1008 Mathematics for Economics is a module for first year Economics students, studying any Economics related degree at the University of Southampton.

The module introduces the fundamental mathematical concepts within Economics, with constant economic application throughout. Topics include functions, optimisation, the lagrange multiplier, integration and matrices. This revision guide covers all of these topics in under 25 pages, streamlining everything to make your revision more concise.

Since this module is a preparatory course for study in further years, some extra curricular topics may be studied in short, in order to best prepare you for more in depth study later. You can view all the topics that are studied within this revision guide, including a selection of sample pages from the guide, by clicking the ‘Preview Book’ button above.


Additional Information

University University of Southampton
Degree Economics & Accounting
Modules Mathematics for Economics (ECON1008)
Statistics for Economics (ECON1007)
Principles of Microeconomics (ECON1003)
Microeconomics: Advice for Answering Questions (ECON1003)


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