ES10002 Introductory Macroeconomics Revision eGuide

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ES10002 is a module for first year Economics students at the University of Bath studying Economics, Economics & Politics and Accounting & Finance.

The module introduces the fundamental areas of macroeconomics and prepares students for ES20013 Intermediate Macroeconomics (Studied in Year 2).  Topics studied include measurement of macroeconomic variables, AD-AS, open economies, unemployment, inflation and government debt.

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This ebook will be downloaded instantly to your University Revision Guru account library  on purchase, where it can be viewed anytime, on any device in your browser.

What do you need to know about our ES10002 revision guide?

  1. We work with high scoring students at Bath to make sure we write specifically to what you’ll be expected to know in your  final Macroeconomics exam. Everything in our revision guide is either directly in the syllabus, or is something which will make your exam paper stand out.
  2. We streamline the entire module, and hundreds of pages of textbooks, into bitesize bullet pointed explanations, to make your revision more efficient.
  3. Our author graduated Economics with a 1st from Warwick, receiving special recognition for multiple instances of 100% exam performance. In other words, he knows how to ace university exams.
  4. This revision guide assumes very little knowledge, to make sure you don’t get lost reading our explanations. If you’re behind with your lectures, or are simply looking to save time with your revision, this is the book for you!

Note: The module serves as direct preparation for Intermediate Macroeconomics in Year 2. As such, our revision guide includes brief explanations of some extra curricular topics, to introduce you to topics that’ll become more relevant next year. 

Additional Information

University University of Bath
Degree Economics/Accounting & Finance
Module Type Core
Module Code ES10002
Module Name Introductory Macroeconomics


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