ES10001 Introductory Microeconomics Revision eGuide

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How does our ES10001 revision guide help you?

  1. Our concise explanations to the topics you’ll need to know for your final Microeconomics exam are perfect for taking the stress out of your revision.
  2. We know students particularly struggle with this module, so we try to explain everything from an elementary startpoint, to make sure you’re never out of your depths!
  3. We explain using step-by-step guides wherever possible, so you know how to tackle the exam questions you’re likely to be set.

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Product Description

Please note that this ebook will be downloaded instantly to your University Revision Guru account library  on purchase, where it can be viewed anytime, on any device in your browser.

Whether you’ve fallen behind with your lectures, or just want to save time with your work, this is the ultimate revision tool for you.

ES10001 is a first year Economics module at the University of Bath, catered to students studying Economics, Economics & Politics and Accounting & Finance.

The module introduces the fundamental areas of microeconomics and prepares students for ES20011 Intermediate Microeconomics (Studied in Year 2).  Topics studied include consumer theory, producer theory, uncertainty and market structures.

We try to stick to the order your lecturer might take in his teaching, but also include a thorough contents page for you to be able to easily navigate our revision guide accordingly. You may find short explanations to some extra-curricular topics in our guide. This was designed to help allow your paper to stand out, and to best prepare you for Intermediate Microeconomics in 2nd year.

Additional Information

University University of Bath
Degree Economics/Accounting & Finance
Module Type Core
Module Code ES10001
Module Name Introductory Microeconomics


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