ES10001 Microeconomics: Advice for Answering Questions Revision eGuide


Specifically written to provide step-by-step guidance on how to approach the ES10001 questions (students normally fall down on this!!).

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Product Description

What exactly is our Microeconomics Advice revision guide?

  1. We know students often struggle with knowing how to apply the material in the ES10001 course to the actual questions you’re given.
  2. Examiners often try to fox you with red herring information, but luckily, there are normally patterns you can spot and follow!
  3. We go through the questions you’re likely to be asked in your ES10001 exam, giving you step-by-step explanations on how to approach them.
  4. We keep it short and sweet. Practice is the key to these questions, but we give you the direction you may be missing!

Additional Information

University University of Bath
Degree Economics/Accounting & Finance
Module Type Core
Module Code ES10001
Module Name Microeconomics: Advice for Answering Questions


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