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In Short, a Winning Formula!

All our revision guides are written by only the highest scoring 1st class graduates. With our revision guides, what they knew, you'll know!

We Work with Students at Your University

This helps to ensure that what you read in our revision guides is pretty damn relevant to what you’re likely to be examined on this year. We also update our guides regularly to keep them as up to date as possible!

The Recipe to Exam Questions

Our revision guides include thorough step-by-step guides to the questions you’re likely to be asked in your university exams.

Our Revision Guides are the Concise Answer to Textbooks

We’re able to condense hundreds of pages of textbooks, into everything you’ll need to know in bitesize form.

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University Revision Guru takes away stress when it comes to exam period, and makes revision so much easier with concise, clearly explained concepts. President, Economics Society, University of Warwick
The books look really good! They explain all the content you need to know really concisely, and are really professional. At £6.99 you can’t really go wrong! Haseeb Waheed, Student
With everything you need to know for your exams explained simply, University Revision Guru is perfect for first years making the jump from A levels to university VP, UCL Finance Society